Mr. Amal N Parikh
Promoter Trustee

Amal N Parikh is the promoter and non executive chariman of Ohm Stock Broker Pvt Ltd.

Mr. Parikh’s growth investing strategies have placed him among India’s top High Net worth individual Investors & among the top tax paying individuals in the country

Ohm Stock Broker Pvt Ltd is a first generation business and is solely looked after by a 40 years old entrepreneur Amal N Parikh who has wide rich experience of 20 years in various areas of capital market.

 Amal N Parikh was the 9th highest individual tax payer of India during the financial year 2003-04.

Amal also had a long term vision of setting up an educational institution, which he did so in 2012 period. He setup an IB School by the name of Edubridge International School in South Mumbai.

Mr. Parikh’s active interests ex-capital markets are philanthropy & education.

Mrs. Viral Parikh
Promoter Trustee

Viral  Parikh is the wife of Mr. Amal Parikh. She is the Director

She has been involved with Amal as he grew his business from strength to strength.

She is also a director at Edubridge International School and currently is involved with the day to day running of the school.

It has been Mr. Amal Parikh’s vision to build a world class school and Mrs. Parikh is trying her best to help him fulfill his dream by playing an active role through the School Board of Edubridge International School.

Above all, one thing that Mrs. Parikh can relate to is IBO’s goal of ensuring ‘lifelong learning’. Even now, she finds herself fascinated in learning something from her children as they return home and recount their experiences from school.

Dr. Bimal Parikh
Managing Trustee

Dr. Bimal Parikh is the elder brother of Mr. Amal Parikh and is jointly involved with Amal.

Mrs. Sapna Parikh
Managing Trustee

She is Mr. Bimal Parikh’s wife and is working in Ohm Stock Broker Pvt ltd since 1999.